Carved in Stone by design
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Locally owned, Carved in Stone, is found in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at 1022 S. Tejon (rear) across the street from Montague’s.

Our phone number 719-351-0068 or 719-687-1467.  You can also reach us via email at

Lisa Koselak, also known as “The Rock Lady”, along with her team, can take your ideas and create a work of art to be preserved on a canvas that is a million years in the making.  Once carved in stone your custom design will last for generations to come.

You may have already seen some of Lisa’s work, as there are select stores that sell her smaller garden stones.  You may also have seen her work in your neighbors yard as a customized address marker, or possibly the entrance sign to your sub-division.  She claims that to date she has not been stumped with any design request.  And insists that no two designs are ever duplicated unless the client has requested so.  “ I refuse to be a cookie cutter artist”  says Lisa.mailto:carvedinstonebydesign@gmail.comshapeimage_2_link_0
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